Charger Units

All of our chargers are constant voltage, current limited, short circuit proof units. Standard Output Voltages (DC) -... More Info

Mobile Battery Tripping Units

The Mobile Battery Tripping Units have been developed as road-going trailers with suitable chargers, battery system, DC ... More Info


BAE- Berlin Industrial lead acid batteries, vented, valve regulated, GEL, AGM. EverEx... More Info

Battery Racks

"Why use a battery rack?

It's important to keep your battery straight and level. As the cells w... More Info

Aircraft Ground Power Units

Two types of GPU’s are manufactured by us. The first type is a three phase mobile GPU housed in a fully towable tra... More Info

Support Documents

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Smart IT Cabin Solution

Smart IT Cabin Solution Micro Integrated Data Center Solution Unique All-in-one Cabinet Soluti... More Info

Battery Management System (SILICON BMS™)

Why is the Silicon BMS™ the Superior Battery Management system available 1. Silicon Engineering ha... More Info
We are very pleased to welcome you onto Silicon Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s website. We at Silicon Engineering believe in the simple principle that DC Systems must add value, not questions or uncertainty.  Our philosophy has been that the DC system must be reliable, dependable and predictable. This had been upper most in all our operations since we first opened our doors in 1969. Over the years Silicon Engineering has been able to continually improve our locally designed and manufactured products whilst continually searching out highest quality, international partner products to complement these local products.  We continue to employ the best people and practices to provide relevant and optimized systems to drive efficiency and longev... About Us

Latest News

Maintenance of 4MW battery bank done during Covert-19
August 9th, 2020

The team from SILICON ENGINEERING maintained the 4MW  battery bank in Cape Town during COVERT-

April 27th, 2020

SILICON Engineering has obtained a CIPC Certificate Silicon Essential Service to perform the SUPPLY, CRITICAL REPAIR ON ESSENTIAL SERVICE during the three-week Lockdown from his State of the Nation in 19 March 2020 announced by our President, more