We are very pleased to welcome you onto Silicon Engineering (Pty) Ltd’s website.

We at Silicon Engineering believe in the simple principle that DC Systems must add value, not questions or uncertainty.  Our philosophy has been that the DC system must be reliable, dependable and predictable. This had been upper most in all our operations since we first opened our doors in 1969.

Over the years Silicon Engineering has been able to continually improve our locally designed and manufactured products whilst continually searching out highest quality, international partner products to complement these local products.  We continue to employ the best people and practices to provide relevant and optimized systems to drive efficiency and longevity for our Customers.

Our international partners are BAE Batterien GmbH of Berlin, Germany who have been manufacturing high quality, reliable, industrial lead-acid batteries since 1899 and EverExceed who have three manufacturing plants and two research and development centers in China.   Another of our international partners are Passoni who manufacture and supply highly flexible, modular, light, strong and easy to assemble battery racks for all types of battery installations.  These include, but are not limited to open or cladded (enclosed) racks or stands that are electrolyte protected.

We at Silicon Engineering are proud to be an ISO9001:2015 certified company as part of our plan to play a constructive role in South Africa’s success, we are a certified Level 2 contributor to BEE.


SILICON ENGINEERING (Pty) Ltd is an agent of Ever Exceed and Berliner Battriefabrik BAE and as such enjoys access to information, supply of equipment as well as the strength of backing of the Warrantees.

SILICON ENGINEERING (Pty) Ltd is structured around the following operating divisions:-

  • Design, Supply and Servicing of Telecommunications batteries and battery chargers.
  • Design, Supply and Servicing of Substation Batteries and Battery Chargers
  • Design, Supply and Services of Specialist Battery chargers
  • Design and / or Supply and Servicing of Aircraft Ground Power Units
  • Sales Activities and Warehousing
  • Sale of Aircraft Batteries and Associated Equipment

This equipment is engineered and manufactured to meet a wide range of specifications.

SILICON ENGINEERING (Pty) Ltd is capable of supplying the following batteries:-

  • BAE Vented Lead Acid : OpzS, OpzL, UPS, OGi,
  • BAE Valve Regulated Gel :- OGiV HP, OPzV, SPzV
  • BAE Valve Regulated AGM:- Front Terminal HC (Telecom) Valve Regulated

From our Head Office in Johannesburg South Africa, Silicon Engineering (Pty) Ltd has undertaken to supply all of Southern Africa and as far North as Sudan with our products.  SILICON ENGINEERING (Pty) Ltd has been involved in projects throughout Africa that have made use of our products.  The group is experienced in stand-by power and D.C. power supplies.  Our products are used in both the developed and the developing nations of the world.


SILICON EINGEERING (PTY) LTD was formed in 1969.

  1. 1972 Patented SCR Controller, Patent No. 72/7637
  2. 1978 1st Batteryboss underground charger installed
  3. 1982 Secured VARTA agency
  4. 1987 Started the servicing of aircraft batteries
  5. 1987 Secured contract to supply PHILLIPS TELECOMMUNICATION with batteries and chargers
  6. 1998 Developed BMS charger controller
  7. 1990 Service division increased to 75 staff
  8. 1994 Opened Durban office
  9. 1996 Major battery / charger contracts with Eskom, Telkom, Durban Municipality and others
  10. 1999 Appointment of new, young Directors to the SILICON ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD’s Board of Directors
  11. 1999 New 2000Amps Ground Power Unit (D272) developed and put into service
  12. 2000 Assisted with formation of an independent Black Economic Empowerment Company called Segullah Electrical cc
  13. 2002 Ethekwini Electricity (Durban) awards Silicon Engineering Annual Contract for Battery Tripping Units and components and has done every year subsequently.
  14. 2004 Secured ACS contract of supplying and commissioning of Ground Power Units for Cape Town International Airport
  15. 2004 Design, supply and Install new chargers throughout the Sinter Plant, Ispat Iscor (now Mittal Steel) Newcastle
  16. 2006 ESKOM Koeberg Designed, Supplied and Commissioned new Multi-function, Complex, Processor Controlled Charger
  17. 2006 ESKOM Koeberg Supplied BAE Lead Acid Batteries and battery racks that surpass the Nuclear Power Station Earth Quake and Aircraft Crash Test Requirements 2007 Supplied Battery Chargers to SASOL Secunda
  18. 2007 Removed existing and supplied, replaced and commissioned new HBL Nickel Cadmium cells at the SASOL Secunda Gas Processing & Fuel Plant and the Oil Tank Farm Substations
  19. Some of our other customers that have a majority of Silicon Engineering Battery Tripping Units in service are Richards Bay Coal Terminal, Mondi Paper – Richards Bay, Arcelor Mittal Steel, Illovo Sugar Mills, Anglo Gold Mines, Rand Water, SA Airlink, SA Express to name a few.
Ethekwini Electricity – Protection & Test SectionRenelle Maharaj(031) 311 9019
Ibuya Consulting – Gateway Theatre of ShoppingJustin King(031) 266 7332
Siekmann Engineering (Camphill Project)Peter Sickman(021) 794 7749
Koeberg Power StationMarck Fahrenfort(021) 550 4054
Anglo Gold – Ahanti James Katze(018) 700 8686
Anglo Gold – MponengKobus Van Der Merwe(018) 700 5126
SASOL – Nitro PlantMarius Kampman(017) 714 5971
SASOL – Monomer PlantLucky Ngwenya(017) 610 4627
SASOL – Tank FarmJaques Burger(017) 610 3264
SABCChris Kleingeld(011) 714 5971
SASOL – Gas Circuit PlantLati Mapopo082 421 6838
IThemba LabsWilliam Duckitt(021) 843 1101


To design, manufacture and distribute reliable, dependable, predictable, low maintenance DC systems for stand-by power operations for Telecommunications, Switch Gear Protection and Operation and reliable Aircraft Ground Power Systems for starting and maintaining of medium and large sized aircraft, including helicopters. To accomplish this, we use a customer-centric approach, listening to the needs of our customers and then anticipate those needs.  As a result we have built a loyal following of SILICON ENGINEERING solutions during the past 40 odd years of business.


Our vision is to be the most efficient provider of stand-by power equipment to selected clients in the Telecommunication industry, Mining industry, Petrochemical industry, Aviation Industry, Electrical Distribution Industry and Municipalities. We will achieve this through innovative solutions, highly motivated and committed resources, a focused approach and the application of industry best practice.


Our focus is to design and manufacture a package deal for our customers. The success of rollout projects, no matter how large or small, depends on how effectively the execution detail is managed.  Only focus creates the basis for consistently executing orders at the required level of detail.  Building on its experience in managing multi-disciplinary projects, SILICON ENGINEERING is focused exclusively on the management and execution of a portfolio of services directly applicable to Stationary Batteries and Chargers.  Our clear focus ensures an unwavering discipline in applying proven methodologies and procedures to the execution of these projects.


In order to operate as the most efficient provider of low maintenance, high reliability telecommunication and all other products, SILICON ENGINEERING constantly updates its repertoire of systems, methodologies, and procedures, in order to ensure that these are on a par with industry best practice. This is achieved through a close association with world-class companies and partnering agreements with various battery manufacturers and telecommunication equipment suppliers, allowing SILICON ENGINEERING’s highly qualified and experienced staff various opportunities to further upgrade their skills through these associations and thereby ensure that they can provide a world-class level of service to our Clients.


We have created a set of values which support and enhance our vision and which guide our decisions and business initiatives. We value creative thinking and encourage innovative problem solving as drivers for continuous improvement which is ultimately of value for our Clients.  We value open communication and trust, as prerequisites for successful alliances and client relationships.  We strive to be a dependable and trustworthy partner.  Above all we allow our staff the independence to serve our clients to the best of their abilities.


SILICON ENGINEERING is only as good as its clients. We want our clients to expect only the best from us and to push us to constantly improve on our best.  In this way, we can stay at the forefront of our industry and ensure that our clients always receive value for money.  We also like to think of our clients as partners, and hence we are able to accommodate many flexible-working arrangements with SILICON ENGINEERING staff, integrating them into client project teams, where necessary.


SILICON ENGINEERING employ’s people who are specialists in the field of batteries and chargers. Specific training programmes are offered and often utilised, as and when appropriate, (or if required) by our clients.  Operational staff are required to be thoroughly familiar with all relevant processes, technologies, methodologies standards and specifications.  They continuously visit international manufacturers for new technology and product updates.


SILICON ENGINEERING supports the government’s empowerment and PDI up-liftment initiatives and procurement policies. Wherever it operates, SILICON ENGINEERING strives to maximise local content and employment, and where appropriate, supports technology transfer initiatives.  In manufacturing we use an independent, 100% BEE company, Segullah Electrical CC.  We, at Silicon Engineering, have recently been audited by the B-BBEE auditors, Smith & Smith BEE Verifications at the end of which we were found to have a Black Empowerment Scorecard, reflecting an equity status of 91.63 points (09th


Our future as a world-class D.C back-up systems provider depends on our ongoing commitment to focused delivery of service to our customers. Around this point of focus we will develop creative and flexible solutions to accommodate client and country specific requirements. However, our flexibility will never diminish our clarity of focus.


We understand the importance of long-term relationships.  We therefore believe in developing and fostering relationships that are mutually beneficial.  We want you to feel good about the solution we bring to the market.  To solidify our commitment, we offer our technical support and back up service to ensure reliable, dependable and predictable D.C. Protection Systems for your expensive and sensitive equipment.


    The group has in place a Quality Management System together with a comprehensive set of documented quality control procedures. SILICON ENGINEERING complies with this Quality Management System and shares the belief of ensuring that a client’s fully documented records are maintained of all quality related activities, and these are always available for inspection.  Our battery suppliers, BAE and Ever Exceed conform to IEC, DIN, BS and other relevant international standards and are all ISO9001 certified.
    SILICON ENGINEEERING recognises that healthy, safety and environmental protection are critical issues, and all measures to safeguard the health and well-being for our staff are of primary concern to us. Within the context of the Group’s Health , Safety and Environmental Protection Management System, a holistic approach is adopted, ensuring that our products and method of operation comply with Safety, Health and Environmental issues.


We at SILICON ENGINEERING make use of a totally independent “Black Owned and Run” company called Segullah Electrical cc for the manufacturing of all our battery chargers, rectifiers and aircraft ground power units. We also make use of this company for installations, servicing and maintaining of systems in the field.  A written agreement exists between them and SILICON ENGINEERING (PTY) LTD to this effect.Mr C David’s and Mr M Ngke formed this company in July of 2000. This company is wholly owned and run by these two directors, which has grown under their leadership, creating additional jobs.