March 1st, 2022









by Clive Rutter, Silicon Engineering

It’s important to keep your battery straight and level. As the cells warm and cool, the plastic shell expands and contracts. If the cells are not aligned properly, pressure accumulates on the corners of the cells, causing them to crack and potentially fail. Placing a long row of cells on the ground is not recommended.

These racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery models. In designing these easy-to-use racks, all main requirements, such as, strength, flexibility, acid-proof protection have been considered. These racks are light, small and easy to move and store. Furthermore, these racks are available at any time because they are always in stock. These racks can be totally assembled by using screws and plates. The main parts consist of stringers and supports.”

Polywood stands are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics and can be manufactured to the required dimensions and strength.

The imported, epoxy coated steel Passoni Alpha (or Alphasys) battery racking systems can support all types of stationary battery types and sizes. In designing these easy – to-use racks, all requirements can be accommodated. Electrolyte proof protection, electrical insulation, strength and are certified for nuclear plants and earthquake regions. Available as open racks or thermoplastic compound enclosed racks.

Silicon Engineering can provide more information on your battery requirements, racks and battery management systems.