BAE- Berlin Industrial lead acid batteries, vented, valve regulated, GEL, AGM.

EverExceed – Nickel Cadmium vented, valve regulated, recombination and Lithium Iron batteries.

Nickel Cadmium

EverExceed, a global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, have been specialized in design, development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality Nickel Cadmium / Nickel Iron batteries for more than 50 years in its history.  A continuously improved and further developed technique, together with the highly qualified rich...

Lead Acid

BAE stationary batteries are used wherever perfect reliable power supply has to be ensured, both for a few seconds and for hours. Typical applications are Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) – systems as to be found in data centers, telecommunication installations or hospitals and airports. Further applications are backup systems used in power pl...

Solar batteries

Solar batteries are used in renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic power generation. They are used in hybrid applications as well as in stand-alone photovoltaic systems, which include a very wide range of sizes and application fields. Solar batteries have been proven in industrial energy systems even under extreme conditions as well as ...

Lithium Batteries

Technical Features: • 15+ years of design life, 19” rack mounting module design • Direct Lead Acid Battery (AGM/GEL) replacement; • Faster charge, 1 hour of charging can provide up to 90% charge; • High energy density and conversion efficiency; • Excellent high and low-temperature operation; • High cycle times a...