Solar batteries are used in renewable energy applications such as photovoltaic power generation. They are used in hybrid applications as well as in stand-alone photovoltaic systems, which include a very wide range of sizes and application fields. Solar batteries have been proven in industrial energy systems even under extreme conditions as well as in private households.

BAE offers low maintenance VLA batteries with liquid electrolyte as well as maintenance-free batteries in VRLA-GEL technology. Due to the high cyclic requirements batteries with positive tubular plates are used only. Moreover BAE is able to supply tailor-made solutions.

BAE solar batteries reflect outstanding quality by:

  • long cycle life approved acc. to IEC 61427
  • fully insulated battery design to ensure touch protection
  • very good recharge behaviour
  • excellent deep discharge capability
  • perfect reliability due to absolute tight pole bushing
  • external intercell connector design for all solar block batteries
  • easy access for measurements of e.g. voltage via service ring and/or pole screw


EverExceed Solar Batteries

  • Conforms to IEC 60896 – 21/22
  • Conforms to IEC 61427
  • 12 years design life @ 25°c
  • Virgin pure Lead Tin and thick positive plate used
  • Spill Proof and Leak Proof

EverExceed VRLA GEL 100 Ahr and 200 Ahr are standard Stock items.

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*These specifications are subject to change from time to time, without warning and at the sole discretion of Silicon Engineering (PTY) LTD. 072012