Why is the Silicon BMS™ the Superior Battery Management system available

1. Silicon Engineering has consulted with the internationally the best Battery Physicists and Battery Engineers for over 30 Years, to provide the customer with the best charging system money can buy. The information on batteries and charging regimes have been implemented on our Silicon BMS™ since our first unit installation in 1989.

2. Silicon BMS™ is designed by a company with people who understand batteries where the customer does not.

3. Silicon BMS™ is not just a multi-alarm module. It is a Battery Management System, designed to cater for all new battery technologies which became available. Different settings and charging requirements are built into the Silicon BMS™. A changed battery type can be reconfigured for less than two minutes. No wrong settings ever again.

4. The first Silicon BMS™ was installed in 1989 and has developed from operational experience over the past decades. It is a mature product with many thousands in service. Many features were customer-driven.

5. Silicon BMS™ has every alarm possible already built-in. You can specify what you require or leave it to our experts to include all those features which you need.

6. Many specifications have changed over the years. Silicon BMS™ has been designed to include many features.

7. Silicon-BMS™ periodic load test has built-in testing of the test circuit so if the test is not carried out and the battery loaded, then an alarm is raised and the faulty component identified. Silicon BMS™ has the built-in intelligence where the station standing load increases, the Silicon BMS™ does not apply an extra load but uses the station load to test the battery and thereby improve the reliability of the test system.

8. Silicon BMS™ has built-in redundancy. It keeps the substation battery fully charged even with Silicon BMS™ or power supply failure. Silicon BMS™ uses microprocessor technology and does not fire the Silicon Controlled Rectifier devices directly. An analog control card that keeps the charger operational and the Silicon BMS™ controls the analog card for optimum settings and longest battery life. The Silicon BMS™ “Micro-Sense” sends a coded pulse to the analog card every second and if this pulse fails, then the analog card switches to default. The substation can safely operate for weeks under this condition before being repaired and the batteries remain at the correct charge.

9. Silicon BMS™ uses microprocessor technology and in the event of a small potential transformer (PT) for the mains supply voltage. If this PT fails for any reason, then the charger sees it as a mains failure and usually shuts down the charger even if the mains are healthy. Silicon BMS™ has the intelligence to identify where a faulty PT is detected, an alarm defining the fault is raised and the charger continues to charge the battery as normal.

10. Silicon BMS™ was born before the advent of the mobile phone. As electrical noise and electrical radiation became an issue, Silicon BMS™ overcame these challenges by implementing special software similar to those used in the Cruise missiles and secure operation under the most severe noise environments is achieved.

11. Silicon BMS™ is easy to use. The menu structure has remained the same since 1989 so retraining of operators is reduced. Just press the “MENU” button and follow on-screen instructions. Keypad entry is in plain English (or several other languages). Silicon BMS™ is easy to use even when you have lost the instruction manual.

12. Silicon BMS™ upgrades are released from time to time. The latest BMS-Elite is virtually pin-for-pin compatible with the 1989 chargers. This makes upgrading to the latest features fast, efficient and affordable and extends the service life of the charging installation by many years saving you money not having to replace the complete system. Upgrade kits are available or our technicians will do it for you and at the same time, retrain your operators.

13. Silicon BMS™ is very user-friendly. The keypad is designed by using the same layout as a cell phone, enabling the user to find keys quickly. The interrogation of the Silicon BMS™ is easy by pressing the MENU SELECT button and read the screen for further navigation instructions.

14. Silicon BMS™ has a serial RS232 and can communicate via Modbus RTU, which you can use to connect to your SCADA system. We have also developed “BMS-Studio” which sorts out the communications issues between your laptop or Ethernet/VPN and the charger Silicon-BMS™. You have graphic details of the status of your DC. Facilities are available to SMS up to 5 mobile numbers when a Major alarm arises describing the charger location, cause of the fault and the time of the fault.

15. Silicon BMS™ has an increased memory. The up to 2000 event recorder of everything that happens at the charger including results of periodic load tests. These can be downloaded and saved to a file on your computer using the BMS Studio. This can be submitted to your insurance company as proof of the health of the DC system in the event of an insurance claim.

16. Silicon BMS™ is flexible. It can be configured for a single charger, two chargers with one battery, load control dropping diodes, single or three-phase supply. This makes it very economical to buy.

17. Silicon BMS™ is power thrifty. When the mains voltage is off, it draws its power from the main battery. Power consumption is only a few watts when the backlight is turned off to conserve power.

18. The latest introduction of the Silicon BMS™ “Battery Intelligence Centre” gives you the power to make decisions on the replacement of the battery or changes to extend service life by monitoring temperature, standing load current, discharges and boost cycles. These may soon appear in mainstream charger specifications in the near future.

19. Silicon BMS™ is not just a pretty face. Born and bred in Africa, matured in the harshest of environments of mining, iron & steel, petrochemical, power generation, and distribution, process instrumentation, aviation and telecom where only the very best survive. Make sure you get the original Silicon-BMS™. Do not be fooled by imitation BMS.


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*These specifications are subject to change from time to time, without warning and at the sole discretion of Silicon Engineering (PTY) LTD. 072012