Micro Data Center Solution Integrated Data Center Solution
Unique All-in-one Cabinet Solution

Fully enclosed Cabinet + Power monitoring system + Environmental monitoring system
EverExceed Micro Data Center Solution is based on the concept of “The cabinet is the data centre” which adopts the standard cabinet as the base unit. It integrates the server cabinet and accessory system, UPS power system, refrigeration system, room environment, safety monitoring system and other systems into the cabinet platform to provide a complete IT room infrastructure needs to the small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-enterprises, large enterprises, government offices & other branches in finance, education & energy industries.

Micro Data Center Solution provides you with the efficiency, economy, reliability & control to implement an infrastructure strategy that outperforms any you have ever seen. Intelligent, integrated infrastructure ready to house IT in a single rack.

Capacity:3KVA, 6KVA and 10KVA
Rack Sizes: 42U
Type: Single rack

Micro Data Center Solution

Innovative features & advantages: Convenient & fast: It integrates subsystems such as the cabinet, monitoring system, power supply, distribution, battery, air conditioner which make the solution compact, free of site investigation, easy to install and ready to use always. Safe & reliable:...