Innovative features & advantages:

Convenient & fast:
It integrates subsystems such as the cabinet, monitoring system, power supply, distribution, battery, air conditioner which make the solution compact, free of site investigation, easy to install and ready to use always.

Safe & reliable:
A fully enclosed micro-environment, small dependency on the surrounding environment with dustproof, anti-seismic, and anti-noise characteristics greatly reduce the failure rate of IT equipment and extend the life cycle of the equipment. Smoke detection and automatic fire extinguishing (optional) system to prevent damage caused by fire. The perfect monitoring system with a multi-level automatic alarm function can remotely understand the situation inside the cabinet and improve safety as well.

The fully enclosed cabinet has a cold and hot aisle, closed structure, near-end cooling, and air conditioning system. Energy consumption is greatly reduced by using high-efficiency modular UPS and flexible configuration.

Intelligent management:
LCD screen display, friendly interface, optional mobile APP function can support SMS function when any equipment abnormal situation occurs.365 days 7*24 hours unattended remote monitoring and intelligent user management can minimize IT deployment and operation & maintenance costs.

City police station outlets, small and medium-sized enterprises, computer rooms of large-scale enterprises, branches, telecom business offices, bank outlets, petrol/petrochemical petrol stations, railway communications, equipment rooms, highway toll booths, etc.

*These specifications are subject to change from time to time, without warning and at the sole discretion of Silicon Engineering (PTY) LTD. 072012